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Bowlit – Stable, stylish and modern

We at Bitkonex are proud to present our latest product Bowlit, which through its smart design and stylish design is the scoring system that has that little extra. Bowlit Scoring System imparts a modern and stylish impression of your bowling alley while the booking system makes your work easier and safer.

In addition, Bowlit offers a variety of options to further streamline and enhance your business.


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Bowlit is a scoring system that gives a modern impression of your bowling alley through its elegant design, stylish animations and smart bowling lane terminals.

“The system is stable and easy to administer … manages bookings with simplicity.”

In addition, Bowlit includes modern features such as live scoring that enables you to track ongoing games online. That your customers themselves can book bowling times on the internet or the ability to easily send booking confirmation to your customers via mail is easily fixed with Bowlit

If this describes the scoring system you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

Bowlit is the scoring system that meets this description and more.

The system is based on many years of experience in the bowling industry and in cooperation with a number of bowling alleys. This is to ensure that it best fits the operations of a bowling alley.

The goal of Bowlit is to be a stable, stylish and modern scoring system that should be easy to administer and simplify the work of our clients.

Complete booking system

  • Online booking
  • Live scoring
  • Bowling lane terminals
  • Automated league module


  • Simplified check-in
  • High resolution streaming on the screens
  • Stable and safe with good support
  • Check-in terminals


  • Statistics for bowlers
  • Recommended training
  • Challange bowlers in different bowling alleys
  • Customizable with multiple layouts

Stylish and modern

Bowlit’s handsome sharp protocol, its ability to show moving images behind the protocols as well as the elegant animations give a nice and modern impression of the system and thus even your bowling alley. In Bowlit, it is possible to play movies , advertisements, music videos or maybe just our beautiful still picture behind the bowling protocol in full HD quality. The choice is yours. You can set how transparent you want the protocol to be in order to get a good feel for what you chose to display behind the protocols without disturbing the clarity of the score in the protocol. The protocol also has a function that allows you to choose between several different sizes of protocols. The pin illustration shows which of the pins standing on the lane.

Another great advantage of Bowlit is the elegant animations, played in full HD quality, which reinforce the feel of the bowlers when they make a strike, spare or maybe a miss. Enhance the modern impression Bowlit Scoring System provides by selecting the Bowlit bowling lane terminal and Bowlit Check-in terminal. The terminals also provide other benefits such as simplifying work for your staff by allowing the bowlers themselves to perform many tasks.

“If you want to enhance the bowling experience for your customers with a modern scoring system and also simplify the work for yourselves, then Bowlit is what you are looking for.”

Flexible and user-friendly

Bowlit Scoring System is a flexible system that is user-friendly and easy to administer. For example, it allows you to reboot the game at any time, and continue the game where it ended. It is also possible to replay a individual throw, for example, if a bowler accidentally happened to play on another player’s turn. It is possible to replay even in already finished series. Another flexible feature in Bowlit is how easy it is to recreate a player who may be mistakenly removed from a booking/bowling lane and withdraw this person, with all his points, into play again.

Smart and adapted for leagues

Bowlit Scoring System offers many seemingly simple yet smart solutions. Such as the lane number is always visible on all screens regardless of whether or not the lanes are in play. Another smart solution is that during the game there is a clock that counts down the playing time so that the bowlers easily know how long they have to play. Even when a lane has finished playing a series, a dialogue will appear which will count down the time until the next series starts.

At match games, Bowlit Scoring System shows players a dialogue with an overview of the points on all courses in which match games are in progress. This allows players to easily get an overview of how it goes for the other players without having to walk around and watch the other lane screens. At match games, no protocol will be closed until all courses are ready to start playing the next series.

If you have a lot of game play in your bowling alley in the form of league games, Bowlit League game simplifies the management by scheduling the games, managing the score and publishing the information on the internet.

Read more about Bowlit’s Options here.

Booking system

Bowlit’s Booking System is easy to use and easy to administer. With its well-thought-out features, it simplifies your work while making your business safer. Learn more about how our booking system can streamline your work.

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Bowlit is structured as a basic system including the scoring and reservation system. In addition to this, there are several optional parts that contain different features that provide additional benefits to your business. Read more about the Bowlit Options and see what suits your business.

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