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Bowlit addon

Thanks to the fact that Bowlit is made up of a multi-purpose foundation system, you can decide which parts you want to be included in your bowling system.

Online scoring

A cool and modern interface on Bowlit’s website presents the games that take place in your bowling alley, which allows your customers to follow, for example, match games live while they are playing. Customers can easily switch between the games on the various lanes and can also choose to watch games from multiple lanes at the same time. The live Scores also include statistical and print features. This allows your customers via Bowlit’s website to see already completed series and matches, track statistics and easily make their own prints.

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League addon

If you have league games in your bowling alley, this will facilitate the management of the matches. Indicate which teams are in the league and Bowlit League Games automatically creates all meetings and bookings. Bowlit League game handles score calculation, counts average, hcp and statistics. It is also possible to publish these data on Bowlit’s website so that your customers can easily follow the results of the league online.

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Lane terminal

Your customers can perform many tasks directly at the lane through Bowlit lane terminals, which reduces the workload for your staff. The terminals guide the bowls through a simple and elegant interface. For example, bowlers can enter or rename players, change game modes and call for help from staff. You decide which of the many features of the lane terminals to be active in your bowling alley.

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Check-in terminal

Upon arrival, your customers can check in at the check-in terminal, including the number of players and names. After completion of the game they have the opportunity to print through the terminal. The terminals shorten the time of check-in and payment at checkout, thereby reducing the burden on the staff.

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Online booking

Your customers can easily book times for bowling in your bowling alley by Bowlit’s website. Through the booking system, customers can see what times are available in the bowling alley and easily book themselves at the time they wish.

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