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Bowlit booking system

Bowlit is the booking system that has thought one step further to simplify the handling of bookings and games.

Smooth and easy to handle

It’s easy to create, modify and manage bookings in the Bowlit Reservation System. By dragging the reservation, you can easily move it to another time, increase or decrease the time for the bowling, or regulate how many lanes the booking should include. Once a booking is made, you can easily send out a booking confirmation immediately or make a booking reminder at a later date. You can choose to send the confirmation or reminder via email or even via SMS if you have enabled that feature. Bowlit Reservation System also saves customer information for all customers who made a reservation in your bowling alley. This will simplify if you want to be able to advertise via email or text messages in the future.

Effectively and flexible

Bowlit Reservation System automatically launches all computers on the network and turn them off upon closing. This streamlines the work of your staff who do not have to walk around the hall and manually start all the computers. Bowlit Reservation System is also a flexible system that allows you to start bookings from both the main computer and any booking computers.

When printing, Bowlit Booking System automatically selects the type of print that fits best. Depending on whether the selected reservation has been a series match or normal game, for example, the printout is a match protocol and a series of series sorted by player. Of course, it is still possible to manually select a different print type if desired. To calculate average scores, for example, when printing, Bowlit takes into account that the last series may not have been completed. That means it does not count the scores in the unfinished series as a whole series, but only as part of the series.

Smart and safe

Bowlit Reservation System automatically makes continuous backups on all your bookings. Backups are stored on Bitkonex Cloud/Server, which provides a secure system that ensures that no bookings will be lost if, for example, a computer is stolen or broken.