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About us

Bitkonex was founded in 2009 and has since been a company specializing in the bowling industry. The company’s operations include sales, installation and support of own products, development of customized solutions, and consultation and problem advisory. Our customers are mainly bowling alleys for which we help to create a more efficient business with our broad expertise and niche specialist skills.

Custom development provides close proximity to our customers

We at Bitkonex develop our systems themselves, which provides a close relationship between customer and product. This proximity allows the systems to easily change in line with our customers’ increased needs and give customers greater influence over the product they use. We always strive to have customers as a claimant when we develop new functionality in the systems. This provides a useful product from the outset so that even customers who come in later will feel they have a system that suits them.

Experience creates understanding

The company is today led by the founder who has a solid experience in system development and problem solving as well as many years of experience in the bowling industry. With this knowledge, Bitkonex has gained a great understanding of our customers’ specific needs, which enables us to deliver products and services that really benefit our customers. We strive to continuously expand our knowledge bank to find better and more effective solutions.

“We create system for the future”

Robert Frisk – CEO Bitkonex


If your business needs are not covered by an existing product, we can provide a customized solution that is tailored to your business. Such a solution can be the key to making you more efficient in your daily business or more attractive to your customers.

  • Integration between different systems or hardware in your business.
  • Applications that compile information, results or statistics, locally for you or publicly on the Internet for your customers.
  • Monitoring system for example monitoring your machines remote.

Digital marketing

We can also help you reach your customers by creating a selling webpage, create commercials to show on your screens or graphic material for your business.

Selected customers: