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Lane terminals

Enhance your experience in your bowling alley with nice terminals and a modern feel.
Our terminals can do more than just change names, points or active players, you choose what features that will be active for your guests.

Change & add

The terminals guide the bowlers through a simple and elegant interface. For example, bowlers can enter their names, add new players or rename existing ones. You can also change game modes or call for help from the staff.

Machine Control

Via the terminal there is the possibility for the bowlers to run the reset command on the machine themselves. In addition, if you have a machine capable of setting up individual pins, then you can add the feature that alows the guests to handle the pin setup, directly through Bowlit’s lane terminals.

Menu & orders

Do you want to let the guests order directly from the lane?
With Bowlit’s menu option, you can add your menu to the terminal and let the guests make orders for food, snacks, drinks or whatever you wish to offer, directly from the lane.

Simplify your work and enhance the experience in your bowling alley with Bowlit lane terminals.

An extra help

Do you run into a machine failure and wish you to escape running all the way back to the front desk to check that the points are correct or to make a reset. With Bowlit’s main terminal, you always have full control in your back pocket. A main terminal can control up to 16 tracks.