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Create your league in 3 easy steps

If you have league games in your bowling alley, this feature will facilitate the management of the matches. Indicate which teams are in the league and Bowlit League addon automatically creates all meetings and bookings. Bowlit League addon handles score calculation, counts average, hcp and statistics.

Bowlit also publishes these information on Bowlit’s website so that your customers can easily track the results of the league online.

Easy handling

No hassle to calculate hcp or post results or even book the lanes, follow the 3-step league installation and you’ll create your whole league during the hour. You just have to put in the teams once, Bowlit takes care of the rest.

Available to all

Bowlit automatically publishes all results directly to the web. On bowlit.se, anyone can follow the development of the league and see statistics for both individual players and per team.

Personal Statistics

All team members also have the opportunity to follow their personal development. With their own login, registered bowlers can get tips on training and follow up on which pins are often missed.

Follow the league online

Automatic upload of results, hcp and average and more online.

Sweden's largest amateur leagues in bowling uses Bowlit